A complete pleasure for boaters

A hit destination of nautical tourism

The indented coast of the Adriatic Sea has been attracting tourists for years, who rank Croatia at the very top of the best destinations, especially when it comes to safety of navigation, cleanliness of the sea, natural beauty, cultural and gastronomic facilities, but also modern maritime infrastructure. The calm, quiet and sparsely populated Gonar reef where we are located is located on the west coast of the island of Rab between the two largest bays - Kamporska and Draška bays. Together with the Kalifront peninsula, its Dundo forest and several other uninhabited islets in the bay that you must visit, many consider this part to be the most attractive part of the island.
Berth available for boats up to 20 meters


The best fish restaurant

One of the best fish restaurants in the region, where you will find fresh fish from our catch as well as a rich wine list, is exactly what all boating tourists want to find.

Natural beauty

Near by

Every true boating tourist will enjoy the natural beauty of the western coast of the island of Rab, where, among other things, there are several uninhabited islets with numerous untouched natural beaches and coves, as well as the Kalifront peninsula, which with its Dundo forest forms one of the largest holm oak forest communities in Europe.

Rugged coastline

of the Adriatic Sea

One of the most recognizable locations among boating tourists is certainly the coast of the Adriatic Sea, which not only entices visitors with its natural beauty, but also with the safety of navigation, ferry infrastructure and the cleanliness of the sea.

boat mooring

Up to 20 meters

The west coast of the island of Rab is extremely interesting for boating tourists, we are proud to offer you about 30 free moorings for vessels up to 20 meters.

The cleanliness of the sea and the indentation of the coast are the great advantages of our coast

Dock "More"

The aforementioned beauties were recognized by yachting tourists who find these destinations ideal for vacation. In order to make your time with us as high quality as possible, we built a pier right in front of the Beach bar and we can proudly offer you a pier with 30 berths for vessels up to 20 meters. If you own a boat, with us you can carefree enjoy the charms of Mediterranean cuisine with a view of the uninhabited islet of Boljković, while your boat is safe.
You can sail right in front of the restaurants