Popular specialties

Popular and traditional dishes of Mediterranean cuisine combined with modern preparation techniques provide you with a superb gastronomic experience !

Shells of St. James

Warm appetizer

Pasta in cuttlefish and broad bean soup

from our aquarium

Adriatic lobster with potato chips

Warm appetizer

corn polenta with prawns and truffles

From our menu

Get to know one of the best gastronomic offers !

Octopus salad


Traditional Adriatic sea salad in a cold version.

Tuna carpaccio


Fresh Adriatic tuna is best raw in combination with lemon juice and homemade olive oil.

Dalmatian pršut (traditional smoke-cured ham)


A traditional gastronomic specialty created by drying the leg of pork in smoke and wind.

Pag island cheese


The multiple award-winning sheep's cheese is the most recognizable Croatian cheese in the world.

Beefsteak carpaccio


Fresh beef cleaned of all fat and veins.

Seabass / Seabream


Noble white fish from our fresh catch are an essential part of our menu.



It is classified as one of the highest quality fish, and as it belongs to the circle of those that are the most difficult to catch, the toothfish is an extremely valuable catch.

Red scorpionfish / John Dory


Known as the queen of the undersea, the grouper may repel you with its exterior - however, under the poisonous spines hides incredibly tasty and high-quality meat. John Dory is one of the most recognizable fish of the Adriatic Sea, and its meat is extremely rich in proteins with a small amount of fat.

Fish plate “More”


The real fish plate according to the chef's recipe is intended for two people.

Fish baked with potatoes in white wine sauce


Many people's favorite way to prepare fresh fish is baked fish with potatoes topped with white wine sauce.

The favorite shrimp in various ways

Find your favorite way to prepare this seafood delicacy

Restaurant More

Shrimp from the natural grill of Gradel

Restaurant More

Traditional shrimp soup

Restaurant More

Raw shrimp with olive oil and lemon juice

Restaurant More

Shrimp in white wine sauce

From the depths of the sea to your plate !

Experience the perfect sunset on the terrace that seems to have emerged from the sea.

Sea crabs

Rare species

Within the restaurant there is an attractive aquarium with rare marine species, among which you can find the largest crabs that live in the Adriatic.

Various shells

Traditional buzara

Buzar is a traditional and original Croatian dish that is most often prepared in our area. In addition to the popular shrimp buzara, try a variety of shellfish prepared this way.

Croatian wines

Wine list

Enjoying seafood would be incomplete without a matching glass of wine. In our offer you can find top quality wines from Croatian producers that go well with your dish.

Always fresh fish

From our catch

We are proud of the tradition of serving seafood according to the principle "from the sea to your plate" - all the seafood we serve you was caught by us!

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Come as a guest, return as a friend !
June 18, 2022
Excellent selection of food and drinks, very friendly staff. Professional approach to the guest. An example of catering as it should be on the Adriatic.
Alan Meniga
July 20, 2022
Delicious seafood, a beautiful view and the possibility of mooring a boat is a big plus. Helpful and friendly staff - I recommend !
Agata Kraszkiewicz
July 3, 2022
Food excellent as always. Grilled shrimp with grilled vegetables highly recommended !
Erika H


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