View of the old city center of Rab

The island of love and happiness

The island of rich cultural tradition, excellent Mediterranean cuisine and full of natural resources is rightly called the island of love and happiness - when you visit it, it will simply enchant you at first sight! The west coast of the island of Rab, where, among other things, our restaurant "More" is located, is considered the most attractive part of the island and is especially interesting for boating tourists. The coast includes the Kalifront peninsula with its Dundo forest - also the largest holm oak forest community in Europe. The island of Rab got its name precisely because of its wealth of forest, back in the days of the Liburnians, who called it Arba, which means "woody". Also, the coast consists of the two largest bays on the island, Kamporska and Draška bays, the Gonar reef located between them and several uninhabited islets with numerous intimate beaches and beautiful marine flora and fauna ideal for diving enthusiasts.
Gonar peninsula - natural reef between Kampor and Supetarska bays


Sunny hours

Weather conditions are extremely important for your planning, however, with as many as 2,600 hours of sunshine per year, the island of Rab is one of the sunniest locations on the Adriatic Sea. Don't miss the perfect view of the sunset from the terrace of the "More" restaurant!


Natural sandy beaches

Many visitors will call the island a true sandy paradise, and there is no mistake - on Rab you can enjoy more than 30 natural sandy beaches, of which the largest and most famous is Rajska plaža - as much as two kilometers of uninterrupted sandy empire. Also, lovers of pebble and stone beaches will not be disappointed!

22 °C

Sea temperature

Povoljna mediteranska klima donosi na otok Rab topla ljeta i blage zime, što naše prekrasno more čini ugodnim za kupanje tijekom većeg dijela godine a naše plaže čini posjećenijima - prosječna temperatura mora iznosi čak 22°C.


Bell towers of Rab

Rab is widely known as the island with four bell towers, but few people know why they were built next to each other in the old city center. The reason lies in the fact that they symbolize the four different seasons and their height the average air temperature in the corresponding time of the year.

The island of Rab is one of the most beautiful islands on the indented coast of the Adriatic Sea

homemade food for complete gastronomic pleasure

The Mediterranean climate, characterized by extremely mild winters and warm but not too hot summers, are of great importance for life on the island of Rab. Precisely such climatic conditions help us in the cultivation of numerous agricultural crops as well as the development of diverse marine and animal species that you can find in our restaurant. For example, in addition to the fact that all the fish we serve comes from our own catch, the fish dishes in our restaurant have a touch of the multi-awarded and internationally recognized Anima Arba olive oil, which is a product of the Rab agricultural farm and comes from the highest olive grove in this area, which is located at about 400 meters above sea level. Also, the indented coast of the Adriatic Sea allowed us to offer you the specialty of our house - black cuttlefish risotto. Namely, the indentation of our coast simply does not allow cuttlefish to develop into larger specimens, which is extremely important for an excellent and original risotto that melts in your mouth !
Black risotto made from Adriatic cuttlefish is a specialty of our region