cold appetizers

Choose the best one to start with !

Octopus salad


Traditional Adriatic sea salad in a cold version.

Tuna carpaccio


Fresh Adriatic tuna is best raw in combination with lemon juice and homemade olive oil.

Dalmatian pršut (traditional smoke-cured ham)


A traditional gastronomic specialty created by drying the leg of pork in smoke and wind.

Pag island cheese


The multiple award-winning sheep's cheese is the most recognizable Croatian cheese in the world.

Beefsteak carpaccio


Fresh beef cleaned of all fat and veins.

Cold triple course”More”


The cold appetizer consists of anchovy, octopus salad and tuna carpaccio.

Marinated anchovies


The taste of freshness and the Mediterranean is hidden behind the filleted anchovies in the marinade.

Warm and cold langoustine salad


The main star of this dish, the Adriatic shrimp, was added to a bed of cold ingredients, and together with the dressing, it represents a perfect summer refreshment.

Crab salad (seasonal)


Creamy crab meat is reason enough to fall in love with this simple and perfect salad.

Warm starters

Appetizers not only satisfy your appetite but also your impression !

Gnocchi with langoustines


A light and tasty start to dinner is one of the most popular dishes in the Mediterranean.

Gnocchi with langoustines and truffles


We added a specific note of truffle aroma to the perfect warm appetizer.

Pasta with langoustines and truffles


A superb combination of fresh Adriatic shrimp, the specific aroma of truffles and perfectly prepared pasta.

Risotto with langoustines


We added shrimp tail meat to white rice prepared in a delicious sea stock made from Adriatic shrimp to get the perfect appetizer.

Risotto with langoustines and truffles


We have added the specific aroma of fresh truffles to the perfectly creamy risotto to create a dish that you will not be able to resist.

Risotto with seafood


Ever since rice arrived in the Mediterranean climate, we have been enjoying this gastronomic delicacy.

Black risotto with cuttlefish


The indentation of the coast of the Adriatic Sea gave us this most popular way of preparing fresh cuttlefish.

Noodles with langoustines


Everyone's favorite summer combination of noodles and fresh Adriatic shrimp.

Noodles with crab meat


The melt-in-your-mouth fresh crab meat goes perfectly with the noodles.

Noodles with seafood


No generation can resist this Mediterranean delicacy, which is often found on family tables.

Polenta with shrimps and truffles


Aromatic shrimps go well with creamy corn polenta.

Green noodles with button mushrooms


A favorite among the vegetarian crowd, perfectly prepared noodles go well with mushrooms.

Pasta with truffles


The aroma of freshly grated truffle elevates this dish to a completely different level.

Little mozzarella tower


This healthy and tasty appetizer will give you the perfect feeling of refreshment on summer days.

Pasta in cuttlefish and broad bean soup


This unique combination of fresh cuttlefish and green beans represents a real sailor gastro specialty.


We always look forward to a nice, warm soup, regardless of the occasion or the day of the week !

“More” fish soup


Delicious seafood soup made from fresh seafood is a specialty of our restaurant.

Beef soup


All of us have various memories with this soup, the secret of which is long-term preparation.

Tomato soup


The queen among soups in its warm version.

Carpaccio soup


This clear soup is the perfect way to consume fresh home grown vegetables.

Fish, shellfish and crabs

From the depths of our blue Adriatic Sea

Seabass / Seabream


Noble white fish from our fresh catch are an essential part of our menu.



It is classified as one of the highest quality fish, and as it belongs to the circle of those that are the most difficult to catch, the toothfish is an extremely valuable catch.

Red scorpionfish / John Dory


Known as the queen of the undersea, the grouper may repel you with its exterior - however, under the poisonous spines hides incredibly tasty and high-quality meat. John Dory is one of the most recognizable fish of the Adriatic Sea, and its meat is extremely rich in proteins with a small amount of fat.

Fish plate “More”


The real fish plate according to the chef's recipe is intended for two people.

Fish baked with potatoes in white wine sauce


Many people's favorite way to prepare fresh fish is baked fish with potatoes topped with white wine sauce.

Dalmatian mussels


One of the most famous shellfish of the Adriatic Sea, prepared in the traditional way of our region.

Sailor-style warty venus clams


Although it is known by many names in Croatia, one thing is certain - its meat is considered a delicacy, which makes it one of the most expensive shellfish on the market.

Roasted St. James’ shells


The edible and very tasty shell is traditionally associated with St. James, after whom it is named.

Grilled langoustines


Fresh Adriatic shrimp from the natural embers of the Gradela are a true gastronomic delicacy of our region.

Buzara-style langoustines


Buzara is a traditional Croatian seafood dish, and definitely one of the best varieties is langoustines buzara.

Spiny / clawed lobster


Both types of crustaceans have an extremely high gastronomic value, and you can learn to distinguish them here by visiting our aquarium.

Fish and meat main dishes

Discover the star of our offer !

Breadcrumbed langoustine tails “Orly”


Orly breading method in a mixture of flour, eggs and beer.

Fried or grilled squids


Crispy and juicy breaded rings or prepared on a hot grill ? The choice is yours !

Adriatic squids


One of the specialties of our house is definitely fresh Adriatic squid from our catch !

“More” fish fritta


Prepared according to the recommendation of our chef, this fish piata will evoke every part of the Adriatic sea depths.

Grilled shark fillet


Don't be surprised, delicious and juicy shark steaks are an integral part of Mediterranean gastronomy.

Grilled tuna fillet


Baked on gradelas according to your taste.

Noble fish fillet prepared a la chef


Enjoy freshly caught Adriatic noble fish prepared in the chef's style.

Monkfish in orange sauce


Given that monkfish meat can be prepared in almost any way, many call it a fish for the indecisive. However, we decided, its sweet and firm flesh goes well with orange sauce.

Breaded monkfish


As you won't find smaller bones in this superb fish like in other species, its fillet is ideal for this method of preparation.

Pasta with langoustine and Adriatic clawed lobster meat and truffles


We added the aroma of fresh truffles to the perfectly soft and sweet meat of crabs from our aquarium to give them complete pleasure.

Beefsteak with langoustines and truffles


A favorite meat dish with fried potatoes and grilled vegetables as a side dish.



Juicy and perfectly seasoned, ramsteak is the favorite of many beef steaks.

Fish plate “More”


Fillets of fresh precious fish, scallops, various shellfish, shrimps with Swiss chard in Dalmatian style.

Grilled beefsteak


Served with egg, mushroom sauce or green pepper sauce.

Grilled beefsteak in truffle sauce


Baked according to your taste, juicy and additionally flavored with the specific aroma of truffles.

Beefsteak with langoustines


For all those who cannot decide between fish and meat, this seems like the right opportunity and the perfect combination !

Stuffed rumpsteak


The perfect filling raises this dish to a whole new level !

Rumpsteak a la chef


Ramsteak in pine nut and prune sauce, served with croquettes and vegetables.

“More” pork medallions


Soft and juicy pork medallions that melt in your mouth are a popular choice among all generations.

extra side dish

Choose your favorite addition to the dish !

Daily fresh vegetables


There's no better way to add freshness to your plate than with a local selection of vegetables.

Swiss chard


This extremely nutritious leafy vegetable is an ideal accompaniment to freshly caught fish.

Grilled vegetables


Quick and simple preparation and richness of taste have made grilled vegetables among the most popular side dishes.

For out little customers

We have prepared a special selection of dishes for your children !

Chevapchichi (rolled minced meat) with fries


The minced meat dish is popular and recognizable throughout the Balkan peninsula.

Spaghetti bolognese


Perfectly cooked pasta topped with the popular minced meat and tomato sauce.

Chicken strips with fries


Perfectly crispy breaded chicken drumsticks with their favorite sauce are the most popular choice among children.

Pizza Margherita


Its history dates back to the 19th century, it is considered the queen of all pizzas, and it is yours to enjoy its perfect taste.


Find the perfect sweet ending to dinner !

Pancakes with marmalade


Golden-yellow and irresistible pancakes coated with marmalade of your choice.

Pancakes with Nutella


The most popular choice when choosing pancakes are definitely those with Nutella spread.

Pancakes with walnuts and ice cream


I accompany my favorite dessert with freshly grated walnuts and ice cream of your choice.

Pancakes in Wine Chateau


The method of preparing pancakes topped with wine foam will not disappoint even the most demanding gourmets.

Pancakes with mascarpone cheese and forest fruits


Marcarpone cheese and forest fruits are often a winning combination for the freshness of your dessert.

Hot sour cherries


For all those who like simplicity, hot pitted cherries are the right choice.

Sweet triple course “More”


House specialty consisting of tiramisu, panna cotta and chocolate mousse.

Ice cream (1 scoop)


Sweeten yourself and refresh yourself with a scoop of ice cream of your choice.

Panna cotta


One of the tastiest specialties of traditional Italian cuisine enchants with its creamy texture and is also popular in our region.



For all coffee lovers, this traditional Italian dessert is an inevitable end to dinner.

Chocolate mousse


A divinely creamy dessert that will satisfy the needs of the biggest chocolate lovers.

Rab island cake (vanilla ice cream)


A traditional Rab dessert whose main ingredients are almonds, orange peel and maraschino, followed by vanilla ice cream.