warm Appetizers

Choose the ideal start to your dinner

Gnocchi with langoustines


A light and tasty start to dinner is one of the most popular dishes in the Mediterranean.

Gnocchi with langoustines and truffles


We added a specific note of truffle aroma to the perfect warm appetizer.

Pasta with langoustines and truffles


A superb combination of fresh Adriatic shrimp, the specific aroma of truffles and perfectly prepared pasta.

Risotto with langoustines


We added shrimp tail meat to white rice prepared in a delicious sea stock made from Adriatic shrimp to get the perfect appetizer.

Reserve a table

Even today you can enjoy the best Mediterranean gastronomic specialties.

Main courses

Discover popular delicacies - the stars of our offer

Breadcrumbed langoustine tails “Orly”


Orly breading method in a mixture of flour, eggs and beer.

Fried or grilled squids


Crispy and juicy breaded rings or prepared on a hot grill ? The choice is yours !

Adriatic squids


One of the specialties of our house is definitely fresh Adriatic squid from our catch !

“More” fish fritta


Prepared according to the recommendation of our chef, this fish piata will evoke every part of the Adriatic sea depths.